Hello, my name is Tarik, I am a web developer. I work currently for an IT development company and I do independent web development in my free time.

Why you should have a website

Whatever is your activity, having your own website can have several advantages:

My first goal is to develop websites that are simple enough yet efficient to reflect the activity of your company, that said, if any company needs a web application for its own particular use (information management, stock management...), I am willing to work on this type of application too.

Managing your website

One of the points that I find important in a website is the possibility to modify or update the website contents without the need of a developer, this is possible by the use of a CMS (Content management system), I opted for the use of a min-CMS that I developed with Fat-Free Framework.

Advantages comparing to other traditional CMS:

However, the use of this mini-CMS is not exclusive and I am not against the use of another tool if it is more suitable for a website.


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