مشاهدة فيلم Alaotra: Endangered Treasures of Madagascar مترجم

مشاهدة فيلم Alaotra: Endangered Treasures of Madagascar مترجم

May. 07, 201780 Min.
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This is a film about the people living in the Alaotra region in Madagascar, and about the changes in their social and natural environments. This is also a film about the Bandro, the Alaotra gentle lemur (Hapalemur alaotrensis), that can survive only in the marshes surrounding the lake, and that is facing extinction due to these changes. This is also a film about research; on how to tackle complexity and grasp change. The AlaReLa (Alaotra Resilience Landscape) project aims to understand the various livelihood strategies of people like farmers or fishers, who use the lake, the marshes, and the land surrounding the lake to produce food and charcoal and other sources of energy. Follow us to some of Madagascar’s hidden places – far away from the touristic centers – to find out what can happen when modern times seep slowly into traditional ways of living. What can be done to strike a balance between yesterday and tomorrow; between conservation and development?

Original title Alaotra: Endangered Treasures of Madagascar


Julia Dordel


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