مشاهدة فيلم How to bury a dead cat مترجم

مشاهدة فيلم How to bury a dead cat مترجم

Aug. 23, 201914 Min.
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“How To Bury A Dead Cat” centers on 4 children of various ethnicities as they run around their neighbourhood to find a way to bury a dead cat found nearby their frequent playground and void deck. As the story unfolds, each child learns of the other’s culture and religion benignly as they get lost and confused in the teachings passed down from their parents, exchanging and questioning which method is the real way of sending the dead cat off into the afterlife. As the day comes to a close their worried parents went looking for them only to find their children crying and torn over the loss of the cat’s life at a police station. The parents, after much discussion, decided to put aside their differences and combined all their ornaments together while burying the dead cat in favour of their children’s happiness. A Viddsee Original Production

Original title How to bury a dead cat


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