مشاهدة فيلم Syria: Israel’s invisible Hand مترجم

مشاهدة فيلم Syria: Israel’s invisible Hand مترجم

Nov. 08, 201742 Min.
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A horrible six year conflict befell Syria with a multitude of factions fighting for territories backed by a score of foreign players. The script for war as with Iraq in 2003 originated with Zionist partisans with Israeli interests in mind. From Oded Yinon to the Israeli “Clean Break” papers, the Zionist regime made it very clear what their intentions were in Iraq and Syria. American mass media had a uniform message that “Assad must go” for years until the Trump administration took power. In Iraq, after the US made it clear that they did not back Kurdish secession and would not give them air support, the Iraqi forces chased out the Peshmerga in a mere 36hrs. The world must know that the US was dragged into these conflicts via Israeli pressure and deceptions.

Original title Syria: Israel's invisible Hand




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