مشاهدة فيلم You Have a Nice Flight مترجم

مشاهدة فيلم You Have a Nice Flight مترجم

Dong Hung, a comical Vietnamese immigrant, finds love at the airport and becomes an unlikely hero.Jul. 29, 201781 Min.
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A lovable Vietnamese manicurist, Dong Hung, desperately needs to fly to Vietnam within 24 hours to donate his kidney for a transplant to save his sick twin brother. But Dong Hung just can’t stay out of trouble at the airport. His naivete and poor English, along with airport security and an unsympathetic airline leads to hilarious chaos. As things spiral out of control, Dong Hung misses his first flight and is bumped cruelly from the second. A beautiful stewardess, Jesta, tries to help and is pulled into Dong Hung’s comical orbit. An unlikely romance develops and a hero emerges.

Original title You Have a Nice Flight

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